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What's the best gaming pc?

What's the best gaming pc? How do you build your pc? Please give sources, thank you



Alien ware? Dell bough them out years ago... Don't go there.

No one know what YOUR best gaming pc would be as you didn't specify your gaming needs... As well as your gaming budget. I can build a pc that will be great for WoW or any MMORPG for under $1200... Yet I can also do one for 5k... Price is an option and without these limits or indicators, there is no BEST EVER gaming pc, as there are different tiers...

Advice: head over to www. Newegg . Com
Check out some of their demos and pc builds to get some ides on what you like as well as what you can afford...

There's hardly a "best" gaming PC since new stuff comes out all the time. It really depends on your budget. Alienware certainly is not the best; it's good but it's also very very overpriced, you could get the exact same stuff for a lot cheaper if you build it yourself.

As for building your own PC I think is a helpful site, so is and Newegg has a pretty good video tutorial and can also be helpful.