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What is a job of a embalmer like?

Like what kind of personality does embalmer geared toward? values?
it is better to be emotionally active or emotionally inert.
does the job require a lot of creativity or is it repetitive?
is this more of a business-mindset or a "i do what should be done" kind of thing?
does it require a lot of human-human interactions? should you have a social personality?
are there a lot of female embalmers?
what are the hours like? is it relatively consistent or always changing?
are the courses particularly demanding? are there a lot of drop-outs?
are there a lot of health concerns over this occupation? (the chemicals you work with doesn't seem all that safe for prolong exposure)
what is embalmer like in terms of occupational association and such? are there a lot of re-training?
is this job mostly fixed to a province? so like if u have a license in ontario, can u practice it in alberta? new york? and so on?
what motivated a lot of people to be interested in embalming?

what's a regular embalmer's day like?

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