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Questions with Apostolic Pentecostal beliefs?

So I was just curious and did some research but it didn't seem to answer any of my questions about the Pentecostal beliefs. I myself am i Christian, non denominational, and my boyfriend and his family are Pentecostal. I know that his father is an evangelist, but was not raised with any beliefs in a God. His mother im not too sure about, but I do know she has not always been Pentecostal. Im really curious about their beliefs but im kind of intimidated to ask questions cause I don't want to ask or say anything offensive to them since they like me and approve of me dating their son. So here are some of my basic questions.
1) If me and my boyfriend were to get married, would I have to convert to Pentecostalism even though I am a saved Christian?
2) Do all Pentecostals have arranged marriages?
3) Do Pentecostals marry young?
4) If we got married, is it acceptable if he decides to no longer be Pentecostal? I know in some religions and beliefs they are not spoken to or treated differently if they change anything about their beliefs.
5) Do all Pentecostal women have to wear skirts and dresses or could they wear jeans and shorts depending on the beliefs and guidelines in the church that they attend?
6) Can Pentecostals drink? Im not talking at home privately, but if they were seen in public having a drink by another Pentecostal from their church, would they be revoked from the church?

Thanks for your answers!

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