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Would Chihuahua be cheaper?

cheaper vet bills, foods, etc..

no , vet bills are probably gonna be the same price , only cause its a small dog doesnt mean youre not gonna spend alot annually. It only means a chihuahua is a good apartment dog

Probably not

The only thing you will ever save money on with a smaller dog is how much dog food you'll go through! Shots, heart guard, vet visits will be the same. I guess you might save money on the follow...
Dog crate
Dog bed

Make sure you do your research on breeders and major health issues with breeds. You could be paying large vet bills later on if you buy a dog that was poorly bred.

cheaper than what?

small dogs do tend to eat less than larger dogs. Its cheaper to feed a chihuahua than a St Bernard... yes

vet bills tho.. it comes down to the individual dog. Routine care is not cheaper for a small dog than a big dog. Shots, exam fee, wormer, etc all cost the same. Surguries are cheaper for small dogs, because they take less anathesia. Whats important is to find a HEALTHY dog, so you are less likely to need more than routine vet care.

Find a reputable breeder who does proper genetic testing. Sure, a well bred dog will cost you more initially, but in the long run,, will save you on vet bills.