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Social Security benefits?

who is eligible for Social Security benefits?

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Here is a list I made myself of all the types of benefits I could find. You should look at the SSA website to be sure in case mine are out of date.

• A divorced spouse may apply for ex-spouse's social security benefits.
• Each child of each divorced spouse from each marriage of over 10 years gets benefits to age 18.
• Each child of a disabled parent on SSD or SSI also receives a percentage of the parent's disability benefits
• Children born with a permanent mental or physical disability get benefits from SSDI
• Legal resident low income senior emigrants who have never worked in the U.S. get SSI
• Low income parents with minor children get SSI
• Low income pregnant females get SSI
• Seniors whose Social Security is 130% below federal poverty guideline receive SSI and retirement SS both
• Adults and children under age 65 get SSI for short-term disability
• Adults and children under age 65 get SSDI for long-term disability
• A child gets permanent lifetime survivor benefits from deceased parent if child was disabled before age 22 and remains disabled.
• Every surviving spouse of a marriage of over 10 years is entitled to death benefits at age 60 or at age 50 if disabled.
• Every child whose parent is deceased is entitled to survivor benefits to age 18 or 19 if in high school.
• Anyone who adopts or fosters a child gets a social security benefit.
• 9.4 million military veterans receiving old age, disability or survivor benefits from Social Security in addition to VA disabiity benefits.
• A spouse of a retiree can also get an SS benefit based on the worker's earnings.

why does my ex husband of 45 years draw over 2000 monthly and I only draw 724

Spouse (Male) is deceased and for more than 22 years, widow is 61 and interested in receiving survivor social security benefits. At what age can she apply for these benefits.

How long do you need to be married to get benefits from spouce

I lost my husband in 2006 and in 2007 I was diagnosed with a disabling disease but I've been told I'm not eligible due to I remarried. My understanding is that if you are disabled with in 7yrs of the death of your spouse you are eligible and can draw from there S.S. if you remarried or not. Yet I have been denied. What is the truth? So Frustrated

What do I need to present to ask for ex-spouse benefits


Social Security Disability Guide -

If a person has paid into the system long enough the following benefits are payable:

1. Retirement benefits at age 62. Spouses benefits at age 62 if not insured to higher benefit on own account. Includes divorced spouses if married ten years.
2. Widow/widowers benefits at age 60. Disabled widow/er benefits between ages 50 and 60 if disabled at time of spouse's death or within 7 years if not entitled to higher benefit on own account. Includes divorced spouses if marriedten years.
3. Disability benefits until reach full retirement age. No such thing as a disability benefit once full retirement age has been reached (now age 66; will be age 67).
4. Benefits to dependent unmarried children -
a) Under age 18.
b) Beyond age 17 if full-time high school student until graduation or age 19 and two months - whichever comes first. Not paid to attend college.
c) Beyond age 17 if became disabled before age 22 and not entitled to a higher benefit on own account.
5. Benefits to dependent grandchildren BUT child's parents must either be deceased or entitled to social security disability benefits. There are other factors of entitlement.
6. Medicare at age 65. Also someone on disability is eligible for it after 24 months of entitlement and anyone who is suffering from chronic renal failure requiring dialysis and/or transplant.

Any child, including illegitimate, can be entitled. Parents do not have to have been married and there is no duration of marriage requirement for child's benefits. That information given by Flower is incorrect.

SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is NOT a social security benefit. It is a benefit paid to those who are blind, disabled or aged who have limited income and resources. Benefits are paid out of general tax revenues - not the social security trust fund.