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How was Nazi Germany a totalitarian state...?

if Hitler did not have total control over Germany? He did not have control over the army or the industrialists.

Hitler had complete political power over Germany and eliminated all other political parties. The organisations such as the airforce, army and navy took orders on what to do from Hitler when making plans and decisions. So I hope you understand now why it was a totalitarian state under the single leadership of Hitler.

All members of the German Armed Forces swore an oath of allegiance to Hitler and he had total control over what the Army did. That is why there was such a shambles at Stalingrad as Von Paulus had to follow Hitler's orders, rather than do what he thought, as commander on the ground, was tactically best.

It was a totalitarian state because Hitler and the Nazi bureaucracy controlled the
people's lives from birth to death while they were in power.

Spellbou gave a very good answer.My answer is same.

WTF? You could only marry if you could prove that your great grandparents were of Aryan blood. You had to be given a copy of Hitler's book at the ceremony.

A totalitarian regime is one that does not necessarily have full control over every-ones' lives, but one that has the desire to control them.

Totalitarianism it mostly about political power, but it is also the desire to control all aspects of life, not just the political sphere.

I would argue that all totalitarian regimes contain at least 5 features:
1) The regime must be a one party state
2) The regime must use terror as a political tool
3) The leader must have total control over his subordinates, through political and extra-political means (meaning that they must use fear even on close allies)
4) The regime must control all, or nearly all aspects of the economy.
5) The regime must try to control all aspects of human relations, from trade unions and politics to social groups, education even to marriage and youth groups.

There are plenty of other models of totalitarianism, but I think that these 5 sum up the most important features.

1) Yes, Nazi Germany was a one party state.
2) Yes, Nazi Germany used terror as a political tool.
3) YEs, Hitler had total control over his subordinates, even ordering their executions if they appeared to threaten him - like Röhm and Rommel.
4) Yes the Nazis tried to control all aspects of the economy. Even though they maintained a capitalist system, the Nazis co-opted big businesses into the Nazi regime, and copied Soviet style economic planning for the agricultural sector.
5) Yes, the regime tried to control all aspects of life, from cradle to grave, with Nazi organisations for women, children and even Nazi official styles of art.

The Nazis were, therefore, a totalitarian regime.