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Pokemon Pearl: Canalave Gym?

Okay so I'm stuck at Canalave Gym. I've gotten past everyone, kind of easily actually, but when I get to the Leader.. :/
He has a Bronzor, a Steelix, and Bastiodon. The Steelix was easy. I'm having trouble with the Bastardion. What kind of moves will work good against it? My best Pokemon is a level 46 Staraptor, it knows Ace Aerial, Wing Attack, Steel Wing and Close Combat. Will steel type moves be good against it, fighting type, flying type, ground, grass, fire, water.. What? Please help.

I use a bastiodon in my team, and trust me, it is a beast it has 168 defense (more than double average) and 138 special defense, so use special moves.

Basitodon has 3 weaknesses

Fighting (x4)
Ground (x4)
Water (x2)

x2 is obviously double damage
x4 is double damage...then double that

my suggestion you use a fighting/ground pokemon with high special attack, a good one could be a hippowdon if you don't want to use hippowdon in your team, just train one and then once you beat the gym put it in your PC ^_^