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Islamic marriage advice?

Muslims, please share your advice about how to have a successful marriage

Marry islamically,without throwing lavish parties,musical intermingling of sexes parties,too many invitees,unnecessary rituals and customs.Keep it simple.
After marriage live life as per Quran and Sunnnah.
No honeymoon.
No roaming around without Hijab.
Pray for Good obedient muslim children.
Respect and educate islam to in laws.
Exchange gifts with in laws even if small whenever visiting/coming Home.
Donot abort children.Dont use forbidden methods of family planning like vasectomy-tubectomy etc.
Never make love in menses period.and unnatural way.
In short study islam and try to follow each and every instruction willingly without any opposition in heart.
Inshallah you will have a successful marriage life.Aaameen

Im assuming you are already m arried , otherwise your question would be how to get married..
anyways.. Ive had a 15yr successful marriage (Alhamdulillah).
its a give and take partnership..
you are blending two separate lifestyles into one. You have to give up some of your rules and accept some things from the other person..
communication is a key also.. sit and discuss issues you are sensative about. dont argue.. accept and listen to the other persons point of view.. Not everything has to be written in stone and go your way. there are always two (or more) ways to get to something.. maybe your partner has good points and can bring unique ideas into your marriage..
Yes there will be ups and downs all the time.. we are human and we are not perfect, but learn to live through them, laugh about it and get over it.. dont hold grudges...
always look for something in your partner that you love.. tell them about it.. always try to smile at them. When they want to talk, give your whole attention. eye contact..
love them wholeheartedly, not halfway..
be their friend, not just a lover. be their companion, friend, a comfort place for them to relax in..
it will work but you have to work for it.. ^_^

I agree with what salafi wrote.. Also just to add try n keep each other satisfied in the bedroom lol

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim - In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful A Muslim man does not require the permission of his first wife before he marries again. However, he should consider his reason for wanting to marry another and should consider the natural jealousy of his wife. If the first wife does not want to be part of a polygynous marriage, she has the right to ask for a divorce. I would ask, what is the reason the husband wants to marry again? If he is marrying a second because he has issues with the first, this is a recipe for disaster. Bringing another person into a troubled marriage will only cause more problems. Also, if they are in a non-Muslim country, then typically polygyny is not allowed and the first wife can cause big problems for him if she chooses. How religious is the man? If he married a non-Muslim in the first place, it may be that he was not terribly religious before. Is he practicing his Islam correctly? Has he encouraged his Christian wife to learn about Islam and has he served as a good, loving example of Islam? Does he know his responsibilities in dividing his time and does the wife know? Does the second wife-to-be know about the first wife? This is a complex issue and there are many opportunities for it to end badly. I would suggest that the couple get good religious counseling from someone who knows Islam and can point out all the difficulties that such a situation will entail. Without details I don't know if a particular situation is good or bad, but just in general I would say that it probably would not end well. And Allah knows best. Fi Aman Allah, Nancy Umm Abdel Hamid

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Recipe to Happy Marriage:

Step One: Good Communication
This is the key to any marriage as well as any relationship. Sit down with your spouse and tell them exactly how you feel about a problem or certain situation. Not only share your ideas but learn to listen to what your spouse is saying. Know what you want to achieve from this marriage and where your life is headed and how each of you can help each other get there. Another important factor is to talk about what certain words mean to each of you.
Words such as IMPORTANT, URGENT, ASAP etc. should be discussed, so that when one spouse says a matter is URGENT or IMPORTANT both of you know what time it should be completed in how high on the priority list it should be.

Trust is one characteristic of a person that when lost is extremely difficult to get back. In a marriage you share your house, bed, life and everything with your spouse,’ therefore your trust must be at the highest possible level. Ask yourselves what you can do to trust each other more and rely on each other more.

Never underestimate the power and importance of friendship. You should be able to be relaxed in each others company, be able to spend time together freely, share humor, do activities and enjoy each others company without having to worry about anything.

Healthy Sex Life
Research shows that marriage and specifically love increases the amount of enjoyment and pleasure one will have in their sex life. This factor is amongst the leading factors that can end marriages. Having a healthy sex life is very important especially for Muslims. We all have desires and need them to be satisfied. We have been commanded to do this in marriages and with our spouses only therefore it becomes important that we have healthy sexual lives. Talk to your partner about things that you like that your spouse does for you. Try and increase in foreplay and have fun with your partner. There are a few books available to increase your awareness, try reading the Muhammad Al-Jibaly series on intimacy. One might even want to try Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s Marriage and Sexual Advice series located at:

Shared Hopes, Dreams and Goals
Muslims especially should have shared hopes, dreams and goals for their lives. We are commanded by Allah to protect ourselves and our families from the Hellfire. Part of this becomes a responsibility to develop goals and visions for the future. We need to understand where we want to be in 50 years and what we need to do to achieve those goals.

We also need to plan for our future in terms of finances, the number of children, their education, their religious education, their sports and activities etc. Working together to achieve those goals will lead to a much happier marriage.
These are a few tips that we hope can help you lead a happier married life. Do share with us below any other tips that you may have.

Hope this helps! :)

Salam alaykum~