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Jammed finger????.??

i was playing basketball and smacked the ball on rtip of finger and it hurt idk if its broken...any way of faster cure?

The only way I know is pull it hard and fast but not repeatedly cause that will worsen it and then just ice it

Chiroprator.... Get the guy who treats the carpenters and plumbers. Those are very practical guys and have to treat all kinds of weird things.

We cannot know for sure, but it might be a jammed finger. Pain, swelling, loss of motion, and loss of strength are all very common symptoms of a jammed finger. Swelling within the joint is very obvious, and you can usually tell very easily when you have suffered a finger sprain. One knuckle will swell up, and it will look noticibly bigger than the others. Unfortunately, this swelling often lasts for weeks if not months. Motion usually come back fairly quickly, depending on how severe the sprain is.

Whether or not you can treat it yourself really depends on how bad it is. To treat a jammed finger with no signs of dislocation or fracture, a warm soak in an Epsom salt bath should provide some relief. Sports creams containing analgesics or warming agents could also be applied to provide some muscular pain relief and reduce swelling.

To treat a jammed finger which has been dislocated, it is usually best to consult a medical professional. In an emergency, you may be able to reset a dislocated finger yourself with a deliberate pulling action, but keep in mind that the process can be extremely painful to endure. The pain should subside significantly once the jammed finger is properly reset, however. When in doubt of the outcome, however, simply immobilize the affected finger and allow a trained physician to manipulate the dislocation in a controlled setting.