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Changing unaccompanied short tour to accompanied tour?

My boyfriend is getting stationed at Incirlik, Turkey, once he's out of tech school for the air force. Right now his orders say Unaccompanied short tour, 1 year. We are planning to get married when he gets leave after tech school, and before going to Turkey. I already know it would change his tour to 2 years, and I know Incirlik allows dependents. Once he graduates he'll be an E-3 (6 year enlistment), so what is the process to get it changed so I'm on his orders and go to Turkey with him?

after u guys are married he needs to speak with his commander or whoever i cant remember who but that's what i would do,Once you guys are married it changes a lot of things for you..

OCC is just a 10 week course at quantico. They aren't going to move your family because you aren't technically in the military, and its only 10 weeks that'd be a huge waste. During OCC you'll get paid as an e4, which isn't bad, but no bah. Once you pass and are commissioned then you'll be sent to TBS (the basic school) for 6 more months of training, then to whatever mos school you need to go to. After that you'll be stationed somewhere and can get your wife moved out there. I just posted a big answer not too long ago about PLC and OCC if you have questions that might help you out as well.

Actually accompanied overseas (OCONUS) orders are 3 years for Enlisted personnel. You will have to get command sponsorship which requires you to go through a EFMP (medical and dental) screening. That means all necessary dental work done, pap smear within last 6 months, no serious medical conditions and up to date on all immunizations. The paperwork is then submitted and can take several months to go through the approval process. You will go via Military aircraft and your possessions will be limited in the amount allowed to be shipped to that location.