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For years, the variations of first amendment principles have had a capacious impact on the obligations of students by their schools. At times, the rights of the students were breached by their schools, and at times they weren’t. The case of the “School Dance” involves students bringing in a disc jockey for a musical concert after school hours, a jockey who implements drug use, sex and violent behavior in his songs. The school beforehand knowing of the disc jockeys inappropriate conduct, banned the students from hiring him for the concert. The students felt that the school breached their first amendment rights and so they filed a case against their school. Now the question is.... does the school have the right to ban the disc jockey without breaching the first amendment rights of the students? The rulings to this case can go both ways; protecting the students rights and protecting the schools rights. However, after serious contemplation, I have concluded that the rights of the students in this case were indeed negated, and violated by the school. Although the students did promote a singer of violent behavior, they were still protected under the first amendment. There is really one solid reason for why they are protected, the reason for which the entire decision would be reverted in the favor of the students.

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