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Based on what I've already eaten and what I'm going to eat, what's the healthiest snack?

First of, I'm on dietary exchanges and calories so milk and juice at every meal is required and so ate the enlives, and that's why things ate portioned Breakfast: 2 homestyle waffles with about a tbsp. of grape jelly, carnation instant breakfast, 1/3 cup juice, a cup 1/2 to 1 cup of skim milk. 10 am: enlive. Lunch: ham and turkey on soft wheat bread with a little bit of miracle whip, orange, 1/2 to 1 cup skim milk, 2/3 cup cran grape juice. Dinner: some type of cube steak meat (chicken or pork) on soft wheat bread, fruit snacks or maybe 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup to 1 cup apple juice , 1/2 cup to 1 cup skim milk. 8 pm: another enlive, or carnation instant breakfast, or smoothie (leave suggestion for this to). I have to have a 3pm snack to, based on my meal plan, what's the healthiest of these: 1. Apple with caramel dip 2. Fat free pudding cup and applesauce cup 3. Honey nut special k bar and applesauce 4. 100 cal. Oreo nips and applesauce. 5 Stella doro 100 cal pack and applesauce. I also have yoplait light yogurts. Or if you have any suggestions for other healthy snacks to go with my meal plan, let me know (they have to be around 200 cals.). P.S I'm hypermetabolic

I would suggest water crackers with sliced cucumber or tomato.

hi, you dont sound anorexic to me, you jus dont have a good number of urge for foodstuff possibly with the aid of tension n stuff. especially circumstances the affliction feeling could be a results of no longer ingesting sufficient, low blood sugar. Im no longer a good number of a breakfast person the two, yet possibly attempt some fruit juice or bannana or yoghurt, so this might get ur metabolism going. in case you dont have the urge for foodstuff you are going to be able to desire to objective ingesting little and in many situations, once you get power up some exercising could additionally help provide you anappetite, and probably some weight coaching. Meal replacements beverages could help as your possibly no longer getting the foodstuff you desire.

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