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Will there be a second season of blood c?

I loved Blood C but it end after only 12 episodes and I'd like to know if there will be an second season please tell me if you know something!!!!

I loved Blood C too! I don't know if they would make a second season though. I kinda hope they do cause I wanna see what happens. I was very very very upset about the ending. I cried. seriously. I was sad because they lied to her. All of them.

well, I really loved the anime. i actually recommended it to a lot of otakus out there, but i wonder why a lot of people don't like it. well, maybe the reason why it was fast-paced was because many people dont like it that's why they cant have enough money to animate the second season. i was really actually hoping for the second season. but after reading about the financial aid from their government, i was really disappointed. so, if the anime was fast-paced that's why people don't like it, it is nobody's fault.

I just watched it. The ending was **** but I did enjoy the show. However they didn't end it properly the way they ended it suggested that they wanted to make a second series but couldn't.

I actually thought blood c was pretty good overall. The problem was there was not much development throughout the anime. And yes the ending did not seem finished that i why they made a movie!

i wish Saya could have atleast have a happy ending with someone and not being left alone again by Fumito Nanahara that i really wish that they both ended happy but seriously its a sadistic ending ! atleast make Saya a happy ending though i really like blood c anime ! i immediatley recommend this anime to all of my friends because i know they won t regret it if they watch itbecause its very awesome !..... :) still hoping for season 2

Can't us fans setup a Gofundme page for them and raise money for the company, then turn the American dollars into yen and send it to them

Blood C Season 2

There won't be a second season, but there will be a movie coming out soon to continue the story which is said to come out at Jun 2, 2012.

I'm glad you liked Blood-C, because most people don't. I personally didn't really enjoy how it was too fast paced and I wasn't given any development for the majority of the show, but oh well. If you like it then good for you.

Which brings me to my next topic...because not much people liked this anime, there won't be enough money to animate a second season. The movie is going to be created, because it received financial aid from the government.

The support will be carried out as a part of the International Film Production Support Project of the agency. Production I.G will receive 50 million yen ($650,000) from the Japanese government.