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How did European totalitarian or authoritarian political movements compare to those of Non-European nations?

I'm writing an essay tomorrow in AP World History and this is one of the possible prompts given to us.
I am at a complete blank.
Does anyone have anything that could possibly help?

European totalitarian system with exception of USSR was never long lived phenomenon. It usually existed within span of one dictator, like was Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy, Tito in Yugoslavia, Ceausescu in Romania, and Hitler in Germany. These totalitarian system did not last more than 40 years and collapsed once the main proponent or party was removed from power as was the case in Italy, Germany, Spain, and entire Eastern Block. European nations almost universally experienced some period of democracy or were moving before the rise of the totalitarian system to it, and no dictator, party, or military junta could suppress the core structure and values of the freedom, especially in religious terms. The idea of free republic existing in Europe well 2500 years ago was continuous challenge to debate the legality, legality, and purpose of the dictatorship. Church was the main opponent of communist regimes and never accepted that state should have control over it, as was the case of many dictatorship. Second main stand against totalitarian system was pure existence of UK, France, Lower countries, Scandinavia, and Switzerland and USA. Any European totalitarian system would have feel rejected from these richest and powerful states, and had either continue in isolation, or attempt in direct warfare as did Nazi Germany.
Non European totalitarian system does not share a continent with wealthy, free countries, and therefore, it can be extremely brutal and violent. It does not have to fear of intervention as was the case of USSR who after the death of Stalin changed tone to more >>humane<< way to suppress its citizen. I lived in the communist dictatorship, where basic economic life was relatively good, and as long you obeyed party rules, it was ok. Press was not free, the tool of oppression was there, losing job from political reason can happen, as is imprisonment. If you behave normally and was obedient (!), you would have nothing to worry. Dictatorships outside Europe kill in organized manner, is well armed, and does not care about the world's opinion. These political entity will stay in the existence for long time as the military and party rule is well established and will survive the death of the founder. The Chinese political system is no near to cave in, so is Iranian, North Korean, or Burma.The longevity is another main difference.