Sports » Wrestling » Cody Rhodes was busted open bad during WWE Smackdown, anybody see this?

Cody Rhodes was busted open bad during WWE Smackdown, anybody see this?

Rhodes was facing Orton and Orton attacked the crap out of Rhodes. To take one of JR's quote "your hurting me, your hurting me". Not that- this quote "He is bleeding like a stuck hog". Did anybody see this? Was this blading or hardway?

Hopefully no single mothers complain about it

I don't think anyone did. We have to wait till Friday.

Next time put spoiliers in your question some people actually want to wait til Friday to watch Smackdown.

you know what randy orton should get fired for busting cody rhodes face i mean he fired kennedy and depushed kofi cody should do the same thing


this is just an attempt from WWE to make him wear that ugly mask for a longer time, and just when u thought he was getting rid of it. damn !!

Yes I was extremley impressed. I though Cody had no talent, plain and simple I thought he sucked. But when I was whatching his match against Morrison started to notice he was being very innovative in the ring. I also realized Legacy was really holding him back cuz when he was in Legacy I thoght once Legacy was over he was gonna get realesed but now I see him becoming the next Randy or the next Edge. Cody Rhodes is a great wrestler and I can't wait to see what Smackdown has to offer him.

Unfortunately this was hardway after Randy Orton hit Rhodes with the ring bell. Watch Friday Night Smackdown and see how most of these scenes will be edited out :(