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Totalitarian vs. Dictatorship?

Im a little confused between these two... What are their dofferences??

Totalitarian is like authoritarian, but more pervasive. Dictatorship is run by a dictator, who is elected or otherwise selected (sometimes by military coup) as an authoritarian leader with complete power over all the tools of government. A totalitarian dictatorship combines these concepts. More than a king, a totalitarian dictator controls every aspect of what you see and hear in the media, himself, and is intolerant of criticism.

A dictatorship means it is led by one person, a leader. He is the one with absolute power and can overrule any decision, and make any decision.

A totalitarian state is where the government exercises a large amount of authority over its people, and it does not take into account the views of the people via votes etc.An example of a totalitarian state is the USSR under Stalin. They used secret police forces to keep tack of all citizens for example, and anyone who did anything they thought was wrong would be severely punished.

Totalitarianism A form of political administration in which power is concentrated in the hands of a dictator, who operates through a mixture of cultivating a devoted following and terrorizing those who do not agree with stated policies.

a country, government, or the form of government in which absolute power is exercised by a dictator.

Its between concept and Institution

Totalitarian government has complete control over the citizens and the country and limits the freedoms of their country. The people have no say. The government can be led by a dictator, a powerful Party, the military, or a small group of powerful oligarchs.

A dictatorship is a government led by one person with absolute power who can stay in power as long as he wants. He may set up a totalitarian government or he may be more moderate dictator and let people have some freedoms.

Most dictatorships set up totalitarian governments. But NOT all totalitarian governments have a dictator.