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Dental Assisting or Dental Hygiene?

I'm planning on going to school for dental hygiene. I've had a a person tell me they kind of wish they would have done dental assisting instead of hygiene being that she can't find jobs really anywhere and you usually only work part time at an office. She said the assists are full time and usually have full benefits. I'm choosing DH because pay is way better and I think it'd be better in the long run. What is your experience? Thoughts?

I just finished dental assisting and I still couldn't find a job. Because some offices prefer someone with at least 1 year experience being a dental assistant.But i also want to pursue my studies to become a dental hygienist. I think being a DH opens a lot of doors in the future. I mean, in dental hygiene you have a degree, in dental assisting you only get a certificate. So yeah i think you should go for hygiene.

I wanted to start with dental hygiene but I was discouraged when I talked to the school and the head of the program was rude and told me there was no way I was going to make the program with a C in Chemistry. My other grades were A's and B's. (I graduated at the top of my class in dental assisting, if only she knew :) ) So, I thought I would try out dental assisting first and see how I liked dentistry. I thought that way, it only takes a year and doesn't cost so much if I don't like it. Well, after being a dental assistant for five years I'm realizing I want a career change. I think assisting just doesn't match my skills. Other people really love it. If I had chosen hygiene first I think it may have been different. I would probably still be doing it since it pays really good. At this point I will not go to school for hygiene but something else.
I rarely see a dental hygiene positions being advertised. I see assisting jobs all the time. If you want a full time job right after you graduate, yes, do assisting. But, you can make the same amount of money working 2 1/2 days per week as a hygienist as an assistant does working 5 days per week. My opinion is go for it unless you have any doubts that you might not like it. You will like the pay and you can always find a different job as you're waiting for a hygiene position to open up.

i in my opinion utilized for Dental Hygiene at 4 diverse colleges, rejected by skill of all, regrettably. you may desire to end all of the necessities till now you word so which you've got the full finished factors. they don't settle for artwork in progression, you're eligible to word, yet you at the instant are not aggressive sufficient. word to hygiene, if rejected, benefit the journey of a DA. Too undesirable in California, DA certification would not supply you with any factors in the direction of DH anymore. There are over 3 hundred applicants, and the college in basic terms accepts 30. I say... take the 300 and sixty 5 days and take primary Chemistry, organic and organic Chemistry, and all that biology and chemistry instructions.

I have graduated from a hygiene program a month ago. I would recommend finding an office you can start working yet if you havent already done so. So you get the feel of it. Or shadow some hygienists at different offices because there are big differences from office to office. I personally would not pick dental assisting as a career, yes you can get benefits and and be full time but you can't advance in the dental field with a assisting cert. Also you can find offices that do not require you to have a certificate or assisting license. The office i work at prefers to train on the job, You aren't doing anything you need a certificate for, and you can get a polishing and sealant certificate in a class than going to school for it. Plus you will be making probably around half as a hygienist will make. Out of school i am making $37/hr Yes at first you will have to get those part time jobs , but this profession will only get better in the future. So there will be jobs opening, we are still in a little recession and all job opportunities are not good. I would also recommend after hygiene school if you are going for an associates to get your bachelors or if you have it already great. You can do much more other than clinical with your bachelors. but it doesnt have an affect with pay for clinical.