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Deal with arthritis without medication?

I'm 21 years old and I'm seeing a rheumatologist this time next week. For the past 8-9 months I've been dealing with sore stiff hot red swollen joints (fingers and knees). I've been dealing with this by taking ibuprofen. About 5 weeks ago my knees swelled up massively. I could hardly walk so I went to the doctors (I'd been going every fortnight but they'd been telling me it was fibromyalgia). The doctor put me on a higher strength ibuprofen and prednisone. That helped so much, I felt like a new person.

I've had to come off all medication so the rheumatologist can see my joints in full swelling. It's horrible, my knees are puffy and they hurt. I can't use a knife and fork because of my fingers. I'm so tired and feel like I'm getting the flu. I've also had dry eyes and mouth which are flaring up again.

Basically I have to put up with this for the next week. Today I couldn't even make it to the letterbox. I'm 21 years old for crying out loud!!

Anyone got any tips for dealing with this for the next week with no pain killers or anti inflammatorys?


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