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Identifying Yourself Through Religion:?

I have an essay to write and I have to give examples on how and why Religion Gives Identity.

I already have a few idea's, however because I can not know everything about every religion, I'd like to get a different veiw points from other people.

--->And no, Im not cheating on my essay, I'd just like some diversity and religion ideas other thans mine.

So Tell Me, How Do You Identify Yourself Through Religion?

Well I wouldn't say I try to define myself on my religion. I am the person I am today because of it. I'm a Christian, and it has changed the way I relate to those around me and my emotions are much more vulnerable. I have a special connection with my God that other religions simply can't have, and I know my Savior is there even when things suck. My family isn't Christian, so I go to church by myself, on my own every sunday.

You might like to mention that some eastern religious believers essentially believe that they have no identity. Hindus believe that all is Brahman therefore each individual is Brahman.

I am an agnostic and that affects my identity in that I percieve myself as one of the smart ones..... just like everyone else I guess...

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I identify who I am by knowing what is right and wrong. Which comes from prayer, reading Gods word, and attending church.

I may do well in my walk with the Lord and began to identify myself as a pretty good christian. Then some sin may tempt me and I succumb to it in a moment of weakness and my identity is altered. But I know the identity of Jesus Christ and I come to Him seeking forgiveness and He cleanses me and sets me back on my feet and encourages me to continue. The devil would have me identify with the sin and my giving in to it. But Jesus says, "you are forgiven, now get up and keep fighting the good fight". We must choose to identify with the 'Forgiver' Jesus.