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Guitar Help...........?

best electro acoustic guitar between $200- $250..

check your local store ........the prices are different in different pars of world

Taylor 914ce is the best.

I know of a couple good ones that are slightly above you budget that you might want to consider. The Seagull S6 is $299 I think and a very good guitar for the money. The Yamaha FG720S is $279 and also a good choice. I really think it would be worth the extra $30 - $50 to consider these 2 guitars. I really like the S6 a lot. Mikey is right about the Taylor but they are expensive. I played an 814 a couple weeks ago and I'm still dreaming about it.

Lol. Yeah dont listen to that fool that said to get a Taylor 914ce. They are usually 4k in price.

This is the best acoutic guitar in that price range, and dont look for any other guitar whatsoever:
Silvercreek D-160 Acoustic Guitar.

Seriously, don't bother with any other crappy acoustic guitar. These guitars are SOLID TOP, BACK AND SIDES. If you dont get why i capitalized it [lol], its because the standard for an acoustic guitar to sound good is that it has solid woods meaning, one single cut of wood, instead mismatching woods and cuts.

Unfortunately, this is plain acoustic. Not electro-acoustic. You can buy a seymour duncan sound hole pickup for $50, and you'll have a respectable acoustic guitar.

Please oh please don't waste your money on anything else.

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Yeah, if you can get a Taylor 914ce for $200-$250 get me one too! But being realistic OU812 recomended a couple good guitars slightly over your budget (the Seagull S6 and Yamaha FG720S) which are both good guitars. I'd echo his thought that it is worth going just a bit higher than your comfort price range on a guitar if you're serious about playing. Otherwise you'll be wishing in a year or so that you had bought a bit nicer guitar. If you're really stuck at $200 - $250 though, the Yamaha FG700S is a good solid top acoustic guitar that plays and sounds nice for $199. In you price range you should really not settle for a laminate top. Look for guitars that say "solid spruce top" (or solid cedar). Yamaha, Takamine, Seagull, and some Washburn guitars would be good options to look at. Make sure you go to a music store and try some out!

EDIT: Gee,I missed the "electro" acoustic part. Unfortunately you pay about $100 extra for the electronics so you're not going to find any really good acoustic electrics under $250. Your best bet there might actually be an Ibanez although I don't think their acoustics sound that great acoustically, they are decent for the price you pay and the electronics are pretty good.
I also played one of these at Guitar Center recently and it was a surprisingly nice guitar for the price ($229). It has a solid spruce top and sounded nice plugged in and unplugged:

EDIT: Yeah, the Silvercreek D-160 is a nice solid wood guitar too, but is $300 without electronics. Add a soundhole pickup and you're up around $350. Good option if you can afford it though. If you go that route though, buy it through or a music store so you can return it if it doesn't play well. They're kind of hit & miss. Don't judge it until you put a good set of strings on it and have it set up (action lowered). The manufacturer setup and strings don't do the guitar justice.