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Did I break my finger?

yesturday i tripped and smacked my pinkie really hard against a bookshelf. My finger was swollen and black and blue, it hurt to bend, move or touch. I put a splint on it and today it feels a lot better but it still hurts. Was/is it broken? did i do any damage to it by splinting it without a proper diagnosis?

yes you most likely did do more damage. Health 101: splint are only used if you can't get medical attention anytime soon (as in the wilderness). Go get an X-ray. It is most likely broken if it still hurts.

go to the doctor. or just splint it and see what happens. i would just splint it if i were you. that's what i do for broken toes/fingers. they all healed fine. that's what the doc would do anyways, regardless whether it's a break or sprain.

Are you kidding me? i could take a broken finger over a broken heart any day! arms heal, hearts under no circumstances totally mend! A broken bone is a form of soreness i will cope with, yet "a overwhelmed spirit, who can undergo?"

Finger Fracture

There are a gazillion ways to break your finger: jamming it, bending it back, smashing it, and of course pinkie-wrestling contests.

A broken finger will usually be painful and swollen, and it will be difficult to use the finger. Because there are so many different types and severities of finger fracture, I won't discuss them individually. Bottom line: If there are any signs of significant injury (see below), your finger should be checked by the doctor. Yes, there's probably some macho guy in your neighborhood who says to tape the finger up and it'll be fine, because that's what he did. He's an idiot.

See the doctor for an injured finger if:
there's significant swelling or deformity
there's pain when the finger is resting (after the first hour)
you can't move the joint fully
there's severe pain with motion of the finger
there's numbness or weakness

Immediate care:
Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Immediately elevate the injured part and apply an ice bag. Go see the doctor for an x-ray.