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How do you post jokes on Sickipedia?

I think I've got a good one, but there's nothing on Google that says how to post them?!



Remember whatever the joke is, add at least 3 references to 'minorities' and put the word c unts on the end. Then abuse the time travelling w anker mods for stealing your joke 5 minutes later.

If you go on to the site Sickipedia PM a moderator called Bawbag with your bank details and within hours you can post a joke. Alternately, you could go on to the site and look for the words "new joke" and click that, but you have to register. Again Bawbag can help, once he has sent you a confirmation that he has received your bank details you will be up and running.

Send all your jokes to me and I'll see that they get posted.

I woke up feeling a little stiff. I must stop sleeping with dead children.

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Freedom demands accountability. while human beings are irresponsible with their freedom, others will take it away. What has replaced in this equation is that we've come to make sure probable the main extreme limits of freedom of expression become symbols of the mere act of expression. there must be the suggested occasion that it incredibly is unlawful to yell 'fire' in a action picture theater, although i could say we are good on our physique of suggestions to puzzling that suggestion. There are people who assume that if a man or woman is dumb sufficient to panic only once you think approximately that somebody yelled hearth while there grew to become into as quickly as no fire, they could be an exception and anybody else will could be loose to return to a determination for themselves. We could be reminded that mere words can objective super problems, although there are thick skinned individuals who do no longer suggestions being berated or chastised with the aid of words. That stated, we won't be able to assume to be able of place in writing down in stone the thresholds between completely suitable and carefully unacceptable. becoming black and white regulations like as the thank you to tend to motivate women folk and men human beings to stay to tell the story that edge of being slightly perfect. it incredibly is the place American (and many ecu international locations) lifestyle is at. we've got grow to be so responsive to pushing the barriers of freedom that we experience each man or woman else will could only enable us to declare in spite of we want in as vulgar a trend as we prefer otherwise they seem to be a fascist. If, in spite of this, we are responsible with our expression, others do no longer grow to be wishing we did no longer have that degree of freedom. what's extremely happening with those circumstances is the certainty that, to 3 quantity, on an identical time as you place up some factor online, you need to be publishing those expressions. you're putting them in a suitable context as a fact to be study by making use of making use of random visitors. Now there's a clean measurement to the effect your words have and you do no longer extremely get to administration who gets your message (assume cell cellular telephone nudes sent to the unsuitable cellular quantity). what's suitable in close employer is viewable by making use of way of random women folk and men human beings everywhere the international. This maximizes the ease to discover precisely the human beings who it incredibly is beside the point to declare that to. it is often approximately that publishing part.

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