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Song from MTV'S Wildboyz show the episode in South Africa?

I was watching Wildboyz where they were in South Africa. The segment where Chris and Steve-O are wearing banana suits and dancing past the gorillas. There is what sounds like a song sung in French. What is the name of that song and who sings it?? I have looked and looked to no avail!!

This is not french but german...

Wildboyz South Africa

confident, its in no way a waste to benefit a language. the vast majority of whites communicate the two English and Afrikaans - some extra effective than others of direction. until presently a bypass in the two languages have been required to graduate from severe college. The "chop up" between white English and Afrikaans mom tongue audio gadget is sort of 60/40 conventional yet there is substantial version geographically, socially and by making use of financial sector. The "aspirational" language is English. All faculties furnish it. even nevertheless the matriculation standards specify "any 2" of SA's 11 reliable languages, English is unavoidably chosen as one among them. meanwhile the variety of colleges offering Afrikaans as an issue are declining as Afrikaans medium faculties (besides as faculties and universities) are positioned under enormous tension to introduce different languages. between black South Africans there is an extraordinarily reliable shift far flung from Afrikaans in the direction of English as a 2nd (even 0.33, fourth or 5th) language. This shift began interior the 1970's yet replaced into "not on time" by making use of the choose to understand the "bosses" under Apartheid. It became stigmatised via fact the "language of the opressor". With the Afrikaner's loss of political hegemony the choose to understand the language for political purposes has dissapeared, hence the shift in the direction of English.

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