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Japanese men into the typical "plain jane"?

Is it true Japanese men are really interested in the black hair, white skin, sweet Japanese girls?
Don't say I'm being judgmental or something, i'm just asking.
Anyway My friend is going and she wants to know if this true since she wants to hook up with any Japanese guys ...
she has black hair white skin, blue eyes but she's not Japanese.
Oh and will we be called a Gaijin allot?

Depends on what you mean by 'into'. Marriage or sex?

And if by 'hook up' you mean the latter of the above, shouldn't prove to be a problem. Depends on her beauty factor to a certain degree.

"Gaijin da" can be heard quite often. Mainly by kids.

Japanese guys got huge libidos, so they probably don't mind screwing your friend. However, for marriage and in general, they love them small underage young Japanese girls. They pay good money for that.

Most Japanese guys prefer Japanese girls. But one big reason for that is language. If you or your friend speak Japanese, it would be much better.

>Oh and will we be called a Gaijin allot?

They may call you that way if they don't know your name. Tell them your name first.

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It depends on the the guy's preference.
I'm Japanese and I like girls with blonde hair.
I don't call foreigners gaijin. I just call them by their name or refer them by their nationality, e.g. Amerikajin, chugokujin, etc.