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Whats the difference between a clothesline and a liariat?

maybe im just stupid but i cant tell the difference

When Stan Hansen hits people with the Lariat he intends to kill them. There are actually three variations of the move....I believe the Axe Bomber is the has a downward motion. The clotheline is just a straight arm strike while the Lariat is a 100% attack which is intended to KO people either in the face or the throat area.

A lariat is stiffer than a clothesline.

a liariat is flying and a clothes line aint

the lariat is just a harder version of the clothesline and is more likely to put you down than a regular clothesline

A lariat is more physical. Meaning more power is put into in as the one doing it cocks the arm back and slings it forward at the moment of impact, while a clothesliner will only put their arm out and run into their opponent.

Wow, really, you guys? If you don't know the actual answer, don't answer, cause you're just gonna confuse the questioner.

A clothesline is a move in which a wrestler runs towards another and extends their arm out parallel to the ground, hitting the opponent in the neck or chest and knocking them over. It is often confused with a lariat, which is a variation of the move. In a lariat, the arm is not kept totally straight, but instead is bent so it wraps around the body, neck, or head of the opponent. In clotheslines, the attacking wrestler usually just knocks his opponent over and continues running. In lariats, the attacking wrestler will actually force their opponent down by normally falling with them.