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Being an Undertaker/Embalmer?

Just for some extra info, I tend to be sympathetic toward people and am afraid to hurt people's feelings...especially in death as I lost my dad to cancer (I'm a Daddy's Girl for sure).

I've worked in the only restaurant in my small town for nearly three years, so I've learned more about socializing with different types of people.

And I really appreciate whatever feedback I get! Thanks so much!

Not everyone can be an undertaker.

It's a very different profession, but you still need to be compassionate and have people skills because you will be dealing with the deceased family and need to make them feel comfortable and at peace during this hard time.

Being an undertaker/embalmer requires being brave in seeing bodies of the dead; respect for the departed's body; knowledge of human anatomy so that you can handle the job well, because this will require washing the body, taking out the blood, then removing the internal organs.

Also, you will need to know about make up of the face and repairing the dead's injured body to make it look better. If you know someone who does make up of the dead (it's called mortician) then you don't have to do the job yourself.

You must also be sure the dead body is already really dead before you work on it because sometimes they are only "clinically dead" but not really dead and may yet be revived, as in from a comma.

Yes, you must also know how to deal with people, especially the family of the dead and how to console them. To be an undertaker also requires you know how to keep secrets about what you discover in the dead's body or about what the family tells you about their dead. That's called respect.

Sometimes it can be a lonely job. Sometimes people don't regard undertakers with respect, that's why maybe some undertakers hate people.

Watch the movie "After Life" starring Liam Neeson and Christina Ricci and perhaps you can get some ideas about what an undertaker does.