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Is government necessary?

without government what would a country become

Well... in Chad and the Sudan there's pickup trucks full of teenagers with machine guns who go around raping your sister and shooting your family - nobody knows why. But they can do this because there's nobody to stop them. That's what possible without a government.

There's always some evil creep like Dick Chaney who will take over and torture people - that's why we have laws against it (except that they apparently didn't work in the case of Dick Chaney).

You used to have one...in the old wild west! People need structure, rules and values to live by so they can live together with all the other competing human beings. Sad we leave it up to a bunch of self-serving corrupt and untrustworthy people to run things for us.

Without Government there would be total chaos. Greedy people that own a large amount of money would probably buy people and create army's to expand their power. The crime rate would probably increase by 10x along with murder rates. It would pave the way for a takeover of any country by a group of people that are only interested in there own self-gain.

It is very necessary

Government is necessary because people are human. The conventional idea is that people are unable to govern themselves but need a person or group of person to do it for them. To some extent that is true. But what is more important is the inertia effect.

The inertia effect of government is to make sudden and immediate change impossible without a concerted effort by the majority or most powerful group of the general population (in other words, a revolution).

The inertia effect in practice can be seen by this simple example:
Something happens and is reported in the news.
Different news sources may tell a different story because of accidental error or something more deliberate.
People hear the news and jump to conclusions. They react according to their existing belief about the subject of the news, as well as the way the story is presented.
The most loud of the peoples' voices call for immediate action, up to and including war.
Government does not react in such a way. Instead it gathers information and takes action only after consideration of what the information gathering reveals. That may or may not be the way the majority of people want the government to react, and it may be itself wrong. But it's not action taken in hot blood.

The difficulty is that sometimes it's necessary to act immediately. Sometimes that is possible, most times it is not. Sometimes the problem goes away before any action is taken. But in most cases it's better to make a decision after some time than it is to do it right away.

Without government, society would be very different because that inertia would not be there. Everybody would take action immediately. And individuals would have to come together to stop other groups. Sooner or later you would end up with another government.