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What does it take to be an embalmer?

I found out about this job and it seems like a good job due to how much you can make money wise.Though it especially is an in-demand I would think due to living in Hawaii and researching about it.
So what degrees would you need from college?

What classes in high school should I take now? (I'm a sophomore)

Are there any qualities that really should be needed?

Your going to need embalming fluid and a strong stomach.

freaking guts!!!!!

See the website for the American Society of Embalmers, it has information about getting into this career -

According to them

Each individual state regulates the practice of mortuary science. They determine the educational requirements prior to entering mortuary school as well as the requirements to become licensed. You will need to check with the individual state that you intend to practice in to determine what the requirements are.

Mortuary schools are accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE). They set the curriculum and approve the type of program the school is allowed to offer to prospective students. Some schools will only offer a diploma at the conclusion of the program while others will be able to offer some type of degree program. Courses for embalmers in mortuary schools cover the entire curriculum for both embalming and funeral directing and the disciplines can not be separated.