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Poll: Dimitri Belikov or Erik Night?

Trying to see which guy people like better/hotness. Id choose Erik :)

Definitely Erik Night :D

DIMITRI for shure!

Dimitri wasn't as big of a jerk as Erik was before. . . D: but, man, I like Erik too! And they both seem like they would be smokin'

But if I HAD to choose, I would choose Dimitri because of his accent ;D

in terms of who's warmer? Erik night for the win. yet i come across the two one in all them overbearing, controlling, possessive, and frequently not great adult men. Rufus de Hunte, Zsadist, and Dave (from the Reformed Vampires help group) for the win.

the house of night series is ok but erik is just some horny jealous teenager looking for popularity and sex. hes a pretty big jerk at times and thick headed. he doesnt wish to understand certain things about zoey. eriks lame, he dies.
but dimitri is a man and hes true to his word. he has such great love and devotion toward rose. he understands her completely. he may turn strigoi, but against his will and he comes back thanks to rose and lissa.