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What is common sense?

every people has a common sense, but what is the real meaning of common sense?

Common sense means just that... it is common in society to know certain things... as in if you didn't know something that was common sense you are not common. It would be like it is common sense to know that if you put your hand in a fire it is going to get burned.... if you didn't know that you are not one of the normal people since nearly everyone knows that.

Acting according to the situation.

If you act quickly and better than normal, you are called smart.

What you automatically know as common knowledge on the right thing to do.

common sense: (noun) good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

This is one of those questions where the dictionaries don't provide a lot of useful information. The terms "sense" and "common sense" have a lot of nuanced meanings, and become self-referential.

Although the meaning of "common knowledge" is definitely a legitimate one, usually when people use the term "common sense", they are referring to practical understanding, rather than learning from studies. So one might say "You can't make fire under water, that's just common sense", meaning that nobody needs any specialized knowledge to figure that out. Similarly, when people work hard to solve a problem using physics and mathematics, sometimes a person without knowledge of those topics can just see a solution using "common sense."

Logical thinking.

Common Sense = Self-esteem + Logic + Predicting Consequences

Common Sense is better supported with Attention to Detail and Attention Span

A national effort is to force Public School systems to teach the components that make up Common Sense has begun.

A national effort with the intent of developing national economic prosperity.

By rallying young people's interests in exploring the universe and saving our planet, the activities are intended to develop Common Sense in all participants.

The name of the program is "Building Aptitude".

Common sense, based on a strict construction of the term, consists of what people in common would agree on[citation needed] : that which they "sense" as their common natural understanding.[citation needed] Some people (such as the authors of Merriam-Webster Online) use the phrase to refer to beliefs or propositions that — in their opinion — most people would consider prudent and of sound judgment, without reliance on esoteric knowledge or study or research, but based upon what they see as knowledge held by people "in common". Thus "common sense" (in this view) equates to the knowledge and experience which most people already have, or which the person using the term believes that they do or should have. However this is not the common dictionary definition. The most common meaning to the phrase is good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.[citation needed] It has nothing to do with what other people may think or feel.