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Was Attitude Era overrated?

no offence for Attitude Era's fans but Seriously it was entertaining but it wasn't really wrestling,just blood,nudity and bad language

There was wrestling.

Shawn Michaels vs Stone Cold WM 14
Undertaker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell
Undertaker vs Kane WM 14
Ken Shamrock vs Owen Hart
The TLC matches
The Rock vs Stone Cold were always good.
The Rock vs Triple H in 2000 for the WWF title was a classic match

It wasn't anything accept PERFECT..

True, but the whole was more entertaining and not the kid-attude erra, besides it didn't have CENA and his stupid sayings, SWEAT CHEESE AND MUSTARD.





I will admit I was not around for the Attitude Era, but from DVD's and things I've read about on the internet, it seems to be highly overrated. From the things I've watched and the things I've read, it was just senseless brawling, nudity, and cursing in promos. IMO WWE's Ruthless Agression Era was miles above the Attitude Era. Ruthless Agression Era actually had a mix of good promos, good rivalries, technical wrestling, highfying, and some extreme moments. That is what WWE needs to go back to. WWE doesn't need a Version 2 of brawling, blood, and nudity. We need a fair mix of wrestling and good rivalries with good build ups.

No You never new what you were going to see. Now WWE is so predictable it's sad. The Attitude Era had you on the edge of your seat and excited to watch wrestling. It left you wanting more. Original DX was can't TV. Now WWE=boring.

I didn't have cable and wasn't able to watch it back then. So I would have no opinion on what it was like. I did see some great moments on Youtube though abd it looked pretty good.

Yes,Now we have wrestling instead of like u said blood,nudity and bad language

Are you joking me. The attitude era was the best. Sure there was the stuff you stated above but there was unpredictability about it and in wrestling you need that . Today it is way too predictable and its boring plus its kiddy friendly which i hate. After saying that I have been enjoying raw with the whole Nexus angle.

The "Attitude Era" itself is VASTLY overrated. But it DID produce some very memorable characters and stars, especially Stone Cold, The Rock, and Mr McMahon. A few other memorable characters include "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero, "Y2J" Chris Jericho, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, the nWo, and DX. All very entertaining characters, some of them quite funny.

But what is memorable about them? The Rock's stand-up comedy promos, Stone Cold drinking beer and crashing large vehicles, Mr McMahon "screwing" everybody, Hollywood Hulk Hogan "taking over" WCW with his nWo gang, DX pulling childish pranks and getting girls to flash their boobs, etc etc.

It was crude and rude and designed to push the censors as far as they could be pushed. It was the time when wrestlers were supposedly "breaking kayfabe" in backstage segments, revealing "secrets" about the business we weren't supposed to hear; when promoters and writers became involved with, and sometimes starred in, storylines and held championships; when wrestling angles were tossed out in favor of "shocking" Jerry Springer-esque angles involving things you would see on that show.

The wrestling matches themselves took a distant back seat to this "Springer" way of producing TV wrestling shows. It was common to see a 3-hour broadcast of WWF RAW or WCW Nitro have less than 20 minutes of actual in-ring action. The vast majority of the shows were spent on backstage skits and overly-long promos having nothing to do with wrestling. And bloody ultra-violent gimmick matches were the norm.

This "anything goes" attitude with the hot and cold running drugs (not just steroids) and the dangerously reckless in-ring activities have led to far too many wrestlers dying young.

The blood, nudity, and cursing added nothing to the shows; they were just there to titillate the "lookie-loos" and the curious (and the Springer-type fans), and once that went away so too did those "lookie-loos".

Proof that the "Attitude Era" is overrated is easy to see. TNA is doing "Attitude Era" programming right now (and has for quite some time) yet TNA gets bashed for doing the very things that those who say they liked the "Attitude Era" cite as reasons why the "Attitude Era" was "the best ever". And something that seems to pass under everybody's radar is the fact that the Head Writer for the WWF's part of the "Attitude Era" was Vince Russo, the very same writer many claim has "ruined" pro wrestling, and works for TNA today.

As an "R-rated" Jerry Springer type of show, the "Attitude Era" did what it set out to do: shock and cause controversy...and attract millions of "lookie-loos".

As a TV wrestling wasn't a TV wrestling show. It was a desperation attempt to attract the attention of people who were not wrestling fans. Once that type of "shock" was removed from the programs, those who were never wrestling fans to begin with had no reason to keep watching...and they left.

What's left are people seeing those extraordinarily high ratings and believing the WWF (and WCW) must have been doing a lot of things "right" TO get those high ratings. In reality, all that "shock" (the blood, cursing, etc) did was to attract people who were not wrestling fans and only tuned in to see how far the WWF and WCW could push the censors.

The "Attitude Era" had it's entertaining moments, but it was NOT wrestling. It was Jerry Springer-inspired "shock" TV appealing to the baser qualities of the mainstream people looking for something different to watch on TV.