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What is a grammatical norm?

I can't find a clear definition on Wikipedia or Google-searching, so please help if you have the exact from-the-book definition or at least something I could use. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: ctsmrvn, thank you for the answer, it has been rather helpful (since I don't have access to books that contain explanations and definitions of grammatical norm). The assignment I got was to write an essay on "A few examples of disorganization/disorder of Croatian grammatical norm" (the text in inverted comas is the title of an article given to me to write an essay about). Note - I'm studying for primary school teacher (in Croatia, obviously) with specialization in English language. I don't know anything about language structure on that level, my professor doesn't really give a damn about teaching, I passed the exam (and therefore the subject/course), but still I don't want to push my luck and fail if he asks me where's my essay when I go get my grade.
Thank you and please write some more, it'll help.

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