Arts & Humanities » Books & Authors » In the vampire academy book series who do you want Rose to end up with Adrian or Dimitri???????????????

In the vampire academy book series who do you want Rose to end up with Adrian or Dimitri???????????????

I read the vampire academy series and I am obsessed with them. I read them over and over again. I want rose with dimitri but i wanted other peoples opinions. Also, if you could answer this too: What do you think will happen in the last sacrifice? thank you

DIMITRI ALL DA WAY!! Adrian is nice, rich, BUT he is also Moroi and remember what Rose said in the book, she sad Moroi men pretend they are into Dhampirs bt then jst leave.... -.- also dimitri is HOTNESS!!! and he understands rose nd he would give anything....well at lease before he became strigoi....I think he is lyng tht he doesnt love rose...OFCOURSE HE DOES! Rhichelle Mead wouldnt do thi to us?! would she? uggr!!

i sooo want Rose and Dimka 2 b together <3

Dimitri!!!!!! Adrian is a great guy and all but he is no way no how Dimitri Belikov. Dimitri and Rose have been through so much together. They are meant to be. I finished Spirit bound the day it came out and was left in a fragile state. It's like Richelle was trying to taunt me with the implications of Rose and Adrian ending up together. I only think Dimitri is acting the way he was in Spirit bound because he truly hates himself for what he did to Rose. He just needs time to think. He totally is still in love with her because he looked her in the eye and she knew he would keep fighting if she did not want to be taken.
In Last Sacrifice I think that Victor could've been tied to the murder of the Queen, maybe. but it's possible the queen killed herself, but I'm not sure how since it was with a stake. Oh! but it could have been Ambrose cause he had been trained. they could have planned it together. Since she had a note and everything. Mmmm.
I think Rose will end up guarding Lissa or Christian. I don't know why but I think it's possible. I also think they will leave Guardian Belikov the hell alone and realize he is indeed a damphir again. It's all very confusing and I'm so ready for last sacrifice. I hate this waiting.
Anywho, I don't think Adrian and Rose will end up together. I just wonder who Adrian will end up with. Maybe Mia? I don't see why not. Don't get me wrong I love Adrian, I really do, but in the end there is no comparison to Dimitri Belikov. (Side note Ben Barnes is not the description of Dimitri in anyway, shape or form.)
Now on to the title of Last Sacrifice. Is it a person or emotion or something? I think it could be feelings. Will Rose sacrifice her feelings in the end? or will she sacrifice her self for someone else. I hope no one important dies. Mead messed me up enough with Dimitri turning Strigoi. I think the sacrifice will occur on her journey which will involve Lissa I do believe. So Dimitri must come along too since he indebted himself to Lissa. I think Rose will sacrifice something very personal too her.
I'm so excited for Last Sacrifice!!! And I can't wait to see what other people think!!! Hope this gave you some ideas. :-)