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Vampire Academy fans; Team Adrian or Team Dimitri? :D?

I'm a big Vampire Academy fan, and completely Team Adrian :D haha, just wondering what team your on and how old you are :) I'm 15 :D xx

Team Dimitri FTW! In my head, he's delicious =)
I'm 24... but let's not let that one get out, hahaha

team adrian.

well i prefer Dimitri in the first two but then in the third i really like Adrian!
i don't know
i suppose id rather you merged both
Dimitri's good looks and Russian accent
and Adrian's poor flirting techniques lol

Team Adrian!!
Sprit Bound was so worth the read, just cause he and Rose kinda sorta got together 8D

Oh dear. This question gets harder as ...the series goes on, referring to the latest book I mean XD
I am also fifteen
I have to say...Team Switzerland
I'd say Dimitri but theres like no hope for him now
So I say she moves on to Adrian
A touch choice

Team Adrian all the way.
I liked Dimitri before but after everything thats happened I've fallen for Adrian.
I think that Dimitri and Rose had something going but after everything thats happened it's not going to work. Dimitri will never forgive himself for what he's done, and i think that her and dimitri are in the past.
ALSO, how could rose break up with Adrian after saying she was going to make this work for the second time. The author wouldn't make Rose become a horrible person, because it would break Adrian's heart.

Dimitri and her are to alike, and I think Adrian completes her. I think in the next book were going to see Adrian and Rose actually working it out for real. I find Dimitri really annoying now. The fact that Dimitri won't even talk to her isn't romantic at all because he says it hurts to bad, it's childish.

I prefer Adrian all the way.