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Cake walk??????????????????????????...

what is a cake walk....Ive googled it but dont really get it?

its like musical chairs they play music or something then when they stop they choose a number

The cake walk I am thinking of is one we used to do at the 4-H fair.

Folks from yor club/organization bring n a cake or plate of cupcakes.

You have a bunch of circles on the floor with numbers. Play music and everyone moves from one circle to another.

When the music stops a number is called out (like a bingo type number from a roller) the person standing on the correct number wins a cake/cupcakes of choice.

A cake walk is usual found at country fairs. You pay say $5, then walk around a circle with numbers in squares with music playing, everyone stops when the music stops. And depending on what the winning numbers are (might be just one number, might be more than one) if you are on the winning number you win a cake or pie. It is a charity thing, so ladies from the community donate the cakes and pies, the money might go to a children's charity, a food bank or some other local thing. If you win you usually get to pick which cake you want. It's a fun way to raise a little money, Although, I haven't seen one in many years.

The last place I saw a cake walk was a local small town's yearly homecoming celebration. I went back this year, after many years of not attending, and found that most the local churches and organizations no longer participated, it was mostly commercial people, who travel from fair to fair for a living.

And so went the cakewalk. Along with the craft booths. and the political campaign booths, where they gave away pins and bumper stickers etc. No penny throwing and winning a glass bowl or a chicken chick, no carnival games with the rides, no snow cones except something called a tropical ice, no candy apples in both flavors, all the cotton candy came in plastic bags. And a corn dog was $4. The church still had their chicken dinners. and the fire fighters still had their fish stand, but were out of fish! Not even a fried dough concession!

The others are right, that is exactly what it is, music plays, you walk on a canvas painted with numbered squares, the music starts, a bingo cage with numbered balls rolls, the music stops, and if someone is standing on the winning number, they go home with a cake or a pie. I loved standing and waiting for them to get enough people in the tent to justify playing.

The one I went to had an old fashioned bakery display case for their baked goods, visible from the outside, to whet your appetite and come in and part with a dollar, yes, it was a dollar to play. all the ladies of the church donated the cakes.

It'seems worth noting that the purpose of the cakewalk, as invented by slaves, was to make fun of the ostentatious social airs of the master and his wife. I haven't yet found a link to marching band high-stepping, though the effect is reminiscent of some really old cakewalk motion picture you can find on youtube.

The Cakewalk dance was developed from a "Prize Walk" done in the days of slavery, generally at get-togethers on plantations in the Southern United States. Alternate names for the original form of the dance were "chalkline-walk", and the "walk-around". At the conclusion of a performance of the original form of the dance in an exhibit at the 1876 Centennial of the American Independence in Philadelphia, an enormous cake was awarded to the winning couple. Thereafter it was performed in minstrel shows, exclusively by men until the 1890s. The inclusion of women in the cast "made possible all sorts of improvisations in the Walk, and the original was soon changed into a grotesque dance" which became very popular across the country.

or may be u r mentioning "catwalk" ?? the answer is here :

A catwalk, in its most basic form, is any narrow platform on which people may walk. In this context, a catwalkcatwalkcatwalk may be found anywhere and can be anything. As a matter of fact, the name catwalkcatwalkcatwalk has been given to such things as suspended footbridges, mountain trails, and piers.

A catwalk can also mean pedestrian bridges perched atop busy streets (also called skyways), service and control platforms found in large theaters from which the lights and sounds can be controlled, and even the gun bridge on a whaling ship.