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How often should couples argue?

This is not a personal question for myself or anyone else just wondering how some people think.
I'm a long term ADULT relationship, how often do you think a couples should argue? How much is too much? What's normal and what's not (other than obvious things such as abuse)? All opinions welcome.

Do you and your boyfriend argue to much? I think you feel like you guys do and that' why you are asking. But it's ok to argue every once in a while but if you feel like it's too much then you need to get out. I feel if you argue more then once every two months there is something wrong and it can't be a very long argument where you don't talk for days. If you let out some aggression and then immediately apologies and make up then it's cool.

If you're arguing more than infrequently (I would term infrequent as having maybe a couple of disagreements a month), then you have a problem. It means your communication skills are weak, and there's a lot of misunderstanding going on.

Some people will say you should NEVER argue, but that's really not realistic. Also, when a couple NEVER argues, it usually means that one or both partners are subverting their feelings in an effort to avoid conflict. Not good. Conflict is NOT a bad thing... so long as it leads to resolution.

I'll be truthful here... lately, my husband and I have bickered a lot. We have a cat who has been peeing on stuff, and we feel stressed out from being in too small a space. And there was other stuff going on in our own individual lives. It's been kind of rough. But since we don't LIKE arguing, we've been working to fix it. It means both of us have to do some thinking and to talk things out. Thinking and talking tends to lead to solutions... for example, we took the cat to the vet, and between realizing he had an infection and making sure to take him to the box, the peeing problem seems to be going away. Other things we can't solve right now (like the too-small house), but when we can, we will. Knowing the problem is the first step toward solving it!

PS... The "silent treatment" is never healthy. If you have a disagreement, it should be resolved within a few hours. At most. My hubby and I live by the rule of never going to bed angry. It works. =)

It depends more on content than amount. If you argue over small things every two or three days, there's likely a deeper issue you two need to address. At the same time, if you're arguing over big things a lot, then maybe the two of you should either see a counselor or start dating other people. How much a couple argues depends on the two people's temperaments and what's happening in their lives as much as how they actually get along with each other, so there could be times where it seems a couple is arguing every day over the most random, mundane things but they stay together and are really happy in the long run. Other couples hardly ever argue and are miserable being around each other. (I've been in both categories- I had an eight month relationship without a single argument and it was probably the worst relationship I've been in, and the relationship in which we argued all the time was the happiest, most fulfilling and longest relationship I've ever had and ended for circumstantial reasons rather than relationship issues). There is no clear cut answer, but if you feel that the two of you are arguing too much at some point, your best bet is to either talk to a professional couple's counselor or give some specifics on what the arguments are about as well as how often the two of you are arguing, how long you've been together, where you two want your relationship to go, and a few other things as well (which is why speaking to a counselor or specific person is best).