Arts & Humanities » History » Why couldn't britishers colonize South Africa like they did in the U.S, Canda, Australia?

Why couldn't britishers colonize South Africa like they did in the U.S, Canda, Australia?

I mean why they couldn't colonize the country in a way that there would be more white people than blacks? and not like it is today, Sometimes i think that if South Africa were at least like 80% white (in terms of population) Apartheid would have never existed..

What the hell is a britisher? it sounds like a retarded form of Briton.

too plenty greed. The Dutch settlers got here in as did the French Huguenot & they began combating one yet another and natives for the natives land. the indisputable fact that the "foreigners' have been combating one yet another is what made them lose plot of what became relatively at stake and for this reason they failed!

The British couldn't colonize South Africa in the same way as they colonized their other territories for many reasons.

One of the mayor reasons was that South Africa was a Dutch colony, and mainly settled by Dutch, Flemish and German peoples, not British. The British took South Africa from the Dutch when they were under Napoleonic control and were to weak to get South Africa back after being liberated, so there was always tension between the white population and their British rulers.

Also, much like with Australia and NZ, the numbers of settlers in South Africa were nothing compared to the massive numbers of people in immigrations to the New World, the only reason that Australia had any significant population was because the British forced people to move there. Also, the British got South Africa in the early 19nth century, rather than halfway during the 18nth century, again slightly decreasing the amount of people that could immigrate.

Also, during the late 18nth century and all the way through out the 19nth century there were large quantities of land added to South Africa as well as mayor black immigrations directed south, where there were more European people.

And if South Africa were 80% white there's no argueing that it would be a more efficient, stable and rich country, but, with whites outnumbering blacks like that there would be mayor, mayor, racial tension and some kind of racial laws way worse than apartheid probably.