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What is passive-aggressive?

I think passive-aggressive is where someone is aggressive towards you and you just take it without a second-thought or an argue.

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Resistance to following through with expectations in interpersonal or occupational situations,It is a personality trait marked by a pervasive pattern of negative attitudes and passive, usually disavowed resistance in interpersonal or occupational situations.

isnt passive aggressive mean that your aggressive towards everyone for no reason?

Passive aggressive is the opposite of actively aggressive. Being actively aggressive means being blatantly aggressive (using hurtful words or actions, even physically aggressive actions) while passive aggression hurts the receiver in a subtle manner. The best example of passive aggression is a "back-handed compliment" which is when you say something complimentary at face value, such as you look very nice today, but there is an underlying sense you are trying to imply something mean, such as you look nice today but every other day you don't look nice. Another common example of passive aggressive behavior is the "silent treatment." Refusing to speak or acknowledge a person is often more upsetting to the receiver than being yelled at or hit because it hurts them at a deeper emotional level. The receiver spends a lot more time analyzing what has happened to them, if they are over reacting to the aggressor's action or if they really meant to be hurtful. Passive aggression is really all about psyching a person out or getting into their heads to upset them.