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Where can I get a healthy dwarf hotot rabbit in NJ?

The question is self explanitory. CUTE!!!!

try craigslist

ALWAYS go to animal shelters first.

Also, the breed isn't critical to the personality, as some would have you believe.

Spay and neuter your pets; do NOT breed.

the final rule is the smaller the rabbit, the greater hand shy and skittish they are going to be. i do no longer see Hotots very many times yet have met countless Polish and Nethies, all of that have had "small bunny syndrome" - that's comparable to small canine syndrome - they think of they're lots bigger and could act it! some are nippy and in contact, and others are very human beings shy and desire to in undemanding terms come close to at time for dinner. of direction there are exceptions to the rule of thumb, it actual relies upon on how the rabbit has been socialised. Nemo & Claudia are 2 dazzling Polish crosses that have been at my community rescue for form of four years, they're dazzling yet very human beings shy. while Rummy, a very tiny Netherland Dwarf, will chew to get his factor throughout the time of and is otherwise particularly formidable.

I love Dwarf Hotots! I am doing my research now to get into showing them with ARBA. They can be a bit hard to find, however, because they are one of the more rare rabbit breeds.

Here are some great resources for you:
ARBA Rabbit Breeders' Directory: (searchable by breed and state)
American Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Club: (they also have a breeder directory, as well as extra information about the breed)

If you can't find a breeder listed in there specifically in New Jersey, or they don't have any rabbits available at the time (many have a waiting list if you want a correctly marked rabbit, you may have a better chance of finding one if you just want it for pet if you don't mind a few stray spots), try asking for their recommendations for other reputable breeders in your area that may come to an upcoming rabbit show near you. This widens the radius of breeders you can look at when you may be able to meet them halfway at a show to pick up your rabbit.