Entertainment & Music » Celebrities » MJ Fans: Is there something in this world MJ couldn't do?

MJ Fans: Is there something in this world MJ couldn't do?

he could draw, sing, dance, beatbox, write songs, choreograph, etc etc etc.
is there something he couldn't do.. or something he was bad at?

Drive. x) (No wait, he could drive bumper cars... HE SOO OWNED BASHIR IN BUMPER CARS!!!)

MJ was awesome at sooooooooooooooooo many things there probably is only a few things he wasn't---

~~too add too ur list of what he was good at~~
lighting up the world with his beautiful smile and laugh.
giving generously too many charities
never being unkind/hateful even though he was treated bad
playing with supersoakers
being a father
{the list is almost endless im sure}

He couldn't father children, take responsibility for his drug addiction, own up to the molestation charges. There were many things he couldn't do.

nope he was amazing! and perfect! and cute! and funny!

he couldnt wink

lol like in that commercial where he's supposed to wink but he just blinks
haha its so cute

he was bad at driving. Lol :D

i know what he couldn't do.....
he could not hate anyone he always loved every one!
he never hated his fans! he always loved us all......


He couldn't hurt anyone

He wasn't great at basketball, lol. You should watch Michael Jordan trying to teach him. :)
But, other than that, no. He was perfect :)

He was truly one of a kind. He could do almost anything. But the main thing was that, he couldn't live a normal life.

He couldn't

-hurt anybody(especially children)
-Release records without perfection
-live his childhood
-commit violence
-make music videos which wouldn't be awesome
-not wear glittery clothing
-not wear his sequined glove,whilst doing billie jean
-not moonwalk whilst singing billie jean
-not define gravity in a live 'Smooth criminal' performance.

The list goes on, all the things he couldn't do makes him the most inspirational,warm hearted, loved and power entertainer he was

He couldn't stop making it in the headlines for good/bad reasons

He couldn't stay out of my heart