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What is country music?

What are the characteristics of country music? How come Taylor Swift is a country singer?

Country exists as a cluster of attitudes, beliefs, symbols and signs in the minds of consumers, giving us clear messages about their aspirations. It represents simplicity, purity and authenticity, a quality of life made up of relationships and roost; it conveys warmth and friendliness. These are all qualities that consumers in the pressured and uncertain 90s value and that are all the more powerful because they represent our yearnings, not the reality of our lives.

country music has no certain characteristics its just the kind of music that comes from ur heart and if u believ it is country then it is country thats all there is to it live loud live hard live wild! live the country life:)

My simple answer is, a poem with a tune. If the beat and music is so
strong you can't understand the words or hum the tune, thats not
country. I feel like, if I can't hear a steel guitar,banjo, or fiddle, its not
country. As far as Taylor Swift, I guess the steel guitar,banjo and
fiddle isn't strong enough for me to notice.
Zan The Man 1/4/09

Twanging disgust, much akin to the soothing sounds of a cow being raped through the eye socket with a glowing firepoker. It must make America look good and right, no matter how many innocent brown people we may have slaughtered the year before. Oh, more cowbell.

Taylor swift ain't a country singer all she sings bout are her past relationships and how the boys suck, try some George strait, Alan Jackson, or Alabama.

I love country music, it's very fun to listen to in summer

It is a mixture of songs and dance that played with the tunes of Fiddle, Guitar. Banjo etc.

I love nation song. I opt for older nation song, however one of the vital more moderen ones are well too. Examples of singers I like: Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, Alabama, Kenny Rodgers, George Streit, Garth Brooks, Reba Mccintire, Darious Rucker, Bily Ray Cyress, and many others.

Country music is a genre of music that (typically) embodies the tradition of rural areas, primarily the south, and the old west (American, of course).

It is reflective of country (rural areas), as well as western and southern pass-times, traditions, scenery, relationships, and history.

Country music is basically just one big tradition! It is all based on similar instruments, especially accoustic guitar. This genre of music is beautiful, and there is actually a lot of variety within country music.

Many songs are centered around failed relationships, but others are about families, country living, farm life, and some are very sad (like loved ones dying).

Taylor Swift is a country singer because she is from a rural area and she loved country music, and chose to sing in that genre. However, she sings country with a HUGE dosage of Pop in every song she sings. That's because of her age, and the demographic she appeals to.