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What would happen to Vampire Academy's story now that Rose already killed the Strigoi Dimitri?

Rose slew Dimitri in the third installment of Vamp Academy...Hey,being a Strigoi ain't that bad...

God, thanks for ruining it for me, I've just started the second one.

(shrugs) Read the next book if you want to know. Not much point worrying about the plot of something you're not going to read, is there?

Well, she didn't really kill Dimitri. The fourth book, Blood Promise, has the answers. I don't want to give it all away. There is a fifth book, Spirit Bound, that will come out May 18, 2010. Check for a quick summary if you want to know more.

I imagine he comes back. I don't like him and hope he doesn't but he was a huge character, I doubt he is gone forever

SPOILERS! Rose and Dmitri's relationship grows in book two. They know they both have feelings for each other but they try and ignore them as they are both supposed to protect Lissa when she graduates. In book three they get together. Dmitri tells Rose he loves her and that he's going to ask for another assignment so that he and Rose will be free to be together without jeprodizing Lissa. But then the Strigoi attack the school. Some students and teachers are kidnapped. Rose Dmitri and some other people go to rescue them. The whole thing is going perfect but then their leaving a cave to go back to the school and their attacked. Dmitri is taken down and Rose's mom is yelling for her to run even though she's fighting tooth and nail to get back to her lover boy. She ends up being dragged back and later that night they go back to the cave to get Dmitri but he's not there. he Strigoi have taken him. It's assumed that he was turned into a Strigoi. So then Rose has to set out to kill her Dmitri because he once told her he would rather be dead then Strigoi. Then book 4, the new one coming out, begins with Rose searching for Dmitri. That's what happens. But...I think that Richelle Mead will find a way for Rose and Dmitri to be together without Rose having to kill each other. At least I hope so. Cuz that would really suck for Rose to lose the guy she loves and Dmitri was an awesome character. So yeah. I think they will end up being together for good before the series ends.

Erm... Rose *didn't* kill Dimitri.
If you read Blood Promise, you'd know that at the end Rose receives a letter from Dimitri along with the stake she *attempted* to stake him with. In his letter, he says that he'll be seeing her again very soon. Rose also finds out new information regarding spirit in Blood Promise, in which there is a possibility that a Strigoi can be returned to their normal state using spirit magic. Rose is back at St Vlad's Academy right now, getting ready to take her final guardian exam and graduate. Then she will be off searching for Victor Dashkov's spirit using brother, Robert, to find out more information about spirit and turning Strigoi back to their original states.

Blood Promise is most definitely not the last book in the VA series; Spirit Bound comes out May 18, 2010 and the final book in Rose's story (untitled for now) follows later in the year.

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