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Sorority Life Sisters on Facebook!?

Can u add me as ur sister on Sorority Life please!?!?! (On Facebook) I will email u my email...... Thx! :-)

yes i will send ur link

I'm sorry, but you cant. You have to be friends with them. Have fun with the game! I have to admit, It's SUPER addicting!

Getting more sisters

1. Join Sorority Life groups and post in "add me" threads that you need sisters.
2. Post on the main board in Sorority Life that you need "pimping out" and provide your email address.
3. Add sisters from Facebook's friends suggestions.
4. Open up the member lists from your Sorority Life groups and add sisters from there.
5. Suggest new sisters to new sister adds whenever the window that allows you to do so presents itself.
6. Make a Sorority Life friend list and add all your new sisters to it. This way you'll be able to filter them out from your real life friends on Facebook.

Being a good sister

1. Don't slap. Ever. No one wins when you slap - the player that gets slapped loses confidence, and you gain absolutely nothing.
2. Vote for all your sisters daily. You get $50 for each vote, so if everyone in your house votes for you, you'll get at least a few thousand dollars a day just off votes. In order to vote for all your sisters, click in the notification area of Facebook's messenger (bottom right hand corner) and look for a notification that one of your sisters has voted for you. There will be a link that says "click here to claim your prize". Click on that, then click on the "vote" button on the following screen.
3. Suggest new sisters to sisters in your house as much as possible. This encourages everyone to help each other build their houses.
4. Pass on "pimp me out" notices on the main board in Sorority Life as much as possible. This way you're more likely to get your email pimped out on the main board when you need it.
5. Don't take attacks personally. Everyone gets a list of members to attack, and they do it to gain influence and cash - that's the main reason why you get stamina points.