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How can a negative person think positive?

If someone has been negative for as long as they can remember, how can they begin to think positive?

To like themselves for being negative.

they have to start with little
trust your vitamins
trust that when i am paying my bills
they will get on pay on time.
alll i would say talk to your partner
making think
just talk about the good things
u will never talk about the bad things had happen
motivation is the key to success

Gosh, that is a great question! Being around a negative person or in an atmosphere that feels negative is the biggest drain! I think being constantly reminded that they are being negative is a good start. Being negative just becomes a bad habit, like any other negative behavior. It is a tough habit to break and often no amount of reminding will work.

If it is a person in your life that you love and who does bring other positive things into your life, then beyond reminding them when they are being negative, I can't see much that can be done. If it is a person you really don't care for, you can distance yourself for self-preservation. If it is someone like a boss or co-worker that has no redeeming qualities but you still have to be around them, many people believe that there are ways to protect yourself from these negative energies depleting your positive energy. Some of these include amethyst stones, burning sage to clear the space and even just keeping a cactus on your desk. There are also meditations that are done to ground yourself (like a tree growing roots into the ground) and shield yourself (some people think of a golden bubble around themselves) from these negative energy sources.

I hope I answered your question even though I didn't give you too many tips on changing a person who is negative. The desire for change has to come from them. But, on the 'positive' side, the fact that you are even aware that these negative energies are bad is a sign that you are a balanced, grounded person :) Congratulations!

A negative person can practice, "catch" themslves after they zig zag towards the drain, and after "catching" yourslef for a while, you eventually do that less and less.

=that is AFTER or DURING= the negative behavior

Buddhists sometimes wear a bell, and when they hear it righ it reminds them Oh yes time to think good thoughts....

=that is BEFORE= the negative behavior

Imagine yourself being positive. At the end of a day, pick 3 or 4 events -- how could you have reacted more positively ? Do this as a meditation ,before you go to sleep -- you will find you can re-structure your reactions but it is slow.

=that is BEFORE= the negative behavior

finally, realize that you already have something to be positive about -- you have asked the question and WANT improvement.

By cleaning house so to speak, spring cleaning and getting rid of all the negative things and memories around them, which includes all the negative people in their lives.

The easiest way to do this is paint one wall in your house where you will paint the other walls to match it and so fourth.

Where you want to buy or make new curtains and cushion covers or a piece of furniture, and remove things cluttering your house.

Doing this creates steps to achieve positive thinking by changing their surroundings filling there house with clean painted walls new positive thoughts and outlooks, Which is the same as with the people in your life by replacing them. Will attract and befriend many positive minded people into your house and life.

Thinking positive is a choice. Just like choosing to be negative is. The issue is not how long the person has been thinking negatively. The issue is whether or not the person makes a stern decision to look at things in a better perspective. Problems come and go when it comes to life, but the way that you begin to think positive is by making a conscious effort to look at the positive side of life and change from negative to positive. Everything we do, from what we say, to who we listen to is a choice. It is a choice to be positive or negative. If one chooses to be negative then they will reap a negative outcome. If one chooses to be positive they will reap a positive reward. But it all starts in the mind and making a choice to change.