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What hunter build should i use with my gear?

hello i'm currently playing on my hunter named falcus on the realm ravencrest and i was wondering wat build i should use for the best dps possible for my gear so if someone could look me up on wowarmory and tell me id be much appreciative.

There are a few good hunter resources you can use.

First of all, is an excellent site. You plug you character in, your gear in and you can see potential DPS outputs etc.

Elitest Jerks forums is an excellent place to learn how to do the very best damage for any class.

And TKASomething is an excellent hunter specific forums that will also help.


For raids, it seems that Survival is the best spec until you achieve a certain level or armor penetration, when Marksmen takes the lead. The difference either way is not tremendous; both specs output a lot of damage.

Beast mastery hunters can still output high DPS, but they seem to be behind Marksmen and Survival hunters at the moment.

I raid with a Survival hunter, and on some fights I can get in the top 5 for damage, even though my gear score is in the bottom 5.
I don’t have a ‘shot rotation’ so much as a ‘shot priority’. (For single target DPS.)
1. Kill Shot.
2. Explosive Shot.
3. Black Arrow.
4. Serpent Sting.
5. Steady Shot.

Obviously, I don’t spam 3 and 4; just try to make sure they are on the target a lot.

I’m glyped to have Steady Shot do 10% more damage if Serpent Sting is on the target, as well as increasing the duration of Serpent Sting by 3 seconds.

I also used Aimed Shot in certain situations like:
1. If the enemy NPC is capable of healing, like one of the boss fights in 25-man ToC.
2. If I have to move around a lot, and my other shots (like Explosive shot) are on cool-down still.
3. If I get a Lock and Load proc (Where the Explosive Shot cool-down is reduced to a global cool-down), I sometimes weave 1 Aimed Shot in between 2 Explosive Shots.

In situations where there are 2-3 enemies, I will use Multishot whenever it’s ready. It’s priority comes after Explosive Shot. (If there are 3 enemies, it’s priority could come before Explosive Shot…see what works best for you.)

In situations where there are 4+ enemies, use Volley over and over.

good website for hunters is
and your spec i would say MM for the highest DPS many people will tell you SV but becasue of the armor pen nerf in the last patch they are about equal specs now. however MM is better becasue it is better burst dmg and can be controlled better then SV which is dependant on procs so its random, you could endup with all your good skills on CD from just killing mobbs.