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Whats positive about shoplifting?

i need to know what is some positive things about shoplifting??

whats negative things about shoplifting??

its sorta like "socialized shopping". where the people that cant pay for stuff get it free and the people that can pay for it pick up the tab

On the positive side? NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!

Unless you really enjoy being frogmarched to a squad car by a couple of hefty cops. Unless you live for the thrill of being fingerprinted and jailed. Unless you really long to have a photograph of yourself with numbers along the bottom (make wonderful holiday cards, by the way). Unless you really want to mess up your credit for the rest of your natural life.

Is any piece of merchandise really worth all that grief?

Good point Noob. I enjoyed shoplifting in my youth because it was a rush, a rush in getting away with it. So that sensation in a way is a positive point. You get free food if you need it, we cant really live with out food. free dog treats, all that good stuff. Free maple syrup, what a bonus lol. negatives are you can get busted, but take it from Noob- it works out

The positives are what most mature people feel are very shallow. Immature people believe that they can get something for free. They believe that they are not stealing from a person, but a non-feeling business. So no one gets hurt.

The deeper one thinks about shoplifting however, the more damaging it gets however. All the cameras, all the security guards, all the lawyers, plus the police are put in place in a store largely because of shoplifting. The price of these safeguards are all added to the cost of the items in the store. Just think, a portion of everything you buy pays for someone else's thievery.

The positive, if you want to call it that, is that you might get something for free. Another positive, again depending on your perspective, is that it creates an entire industry that attempts to stop or limit shoplifting. That includes everything from magnetic sensors at the entrance to large packaging to the undercover store employee who is trying to catch you.

The negatives far outweigh the positives, for several reasons. One, taking other people's property is plain old wrong. If you've ever had anything stolen from you, you understand this. Heck, 3 year olds understand that they don't like to have their things taken. Two, it raises the prices of everything. Higher prices affect the poor more than they do the rich, so shoplifters are harming poor people more than wealthy people. Even though they often justify their actions because they don't see the store as being the property of a collection of individuals, but a large company with no face and no limit to the losses it can absorb. Third, you might get caught. When you get caught you pay many times more than it would have cost to simply buy the item.

EDIT: The judge is asking a trick question. I don't think a judge is going to accept the positives of shoplifting. But I think I gave you the best answers to that question. You need three so I would say.

1 - get something for free
2 - people get jobs to stop shoplifters
3 - people get jobs to prosecute and defend shoplifters

1 - taking another person's things is wrong
2 - if you get caught the price is higher than it would have been if you had just paid.
3 - everything costs more because stores have to make up their losses.

peer pressure
1 - If your friends make good decisions they will encourage you to also make good decisions
2 - most people are good, so you will be encouraged to also be good.
3 - peer pressure is a form of cooperation

1 - you may be inclined to do something you know is wrong because other people are doing it.
2 - you should be free to make your own decisions based on your own judgement
3 - some people think they are not responsible for their own actions because they are just doing what other people are doing.

Hope that helps. Can I have my 10 points now?