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Which are capitalist countries?

name of capitalist countries

Well, partner, there are a lot of them. You might want to see if there is some way to narrow it down.

Here are some, though there are more:

United States

Most capitalist countries are located in West. The most prominent among them is the United States. Other capitalist countries include Austria, Britain, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Ireland. However, there are also countries in Asia that are considered capitalists. These include Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

Western Europe, US, Australia, Canada, ..... pretty much the allies (i guess) down with Islam, up with Quicksilver messengers!!!

A capitalist country is one where the means of production are owned by a small class of capitalists, production takes place for profit and the vast majority of the population are forced to sell their labour power in return for a wage or salary (i.e. have to work for an employer). The consequences are poverty, homelessness, insecurity, war, environmental damage.

So: UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, China, Cuba, Australia, etc, etc.

Please the right wing needs the left wing of this country. Without socialist programs such as the police, fire fighting, and medicare, you know how much capitalists would have to spend on such services? How about the infrastructures such as roads and planes... just think of all the law suits capitalists will have to contend with! oh and the mobs who want to take over your businesses?!! And vice versa. Without capitalism the country will be in stale mate. No innovations can happen because we would be too busy pulling up the lazy. But truthfully though, its more apparent that Socialism doesn't really need capitalists though. Capitalists think happiness can't be achieve with contentment with just living... they have to achieve something, and have more and more. This is proven time and time again to be wrong in island nations.

Capitalist Countries Today

No country is 100% capitalist. All successful countries today are some combination of capitalism and socialism. Or, you could see it as there being a line, a continuum, between pure socialism and pure capitalism, and every developed country is somewhere on that line between the two.

The US is capitalist and socialist, so are France, England, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Iceland, Egypt, South Africa, Samoa, etc. etc.

We in the US are probably the most capitalist country, but we have 'socialized' education, roads and bridges, power and water projects, fire and police protection, and dozens of other things, because over the years we have found this is just the best way to handle these problems.