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What happens to Rose and Dimitri in the Vampire Academy series?

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What happens to Rose and Dimitri in the Vampire Academy series?

Rose And Dimitri

Vampire Academy Dimitri

Here's a summary of the relationship the two have together, spoilers and all. So for anyone that comes across this, it has spoilers from all of the books, and I'm warning you now.


In Vampire Academy, Rose and Dimitri first meet each other and she doesn't really like him because he's the one that brought her and Lissa back to the academy. She comes to respect and admire Dimitri because he helps her understand that though guardian life sucks, they have a significant purpose to protect Moroi. She develops a crush on him, and as they get to know each other better, she begins to think that he might have feelings for her too. :)

Then Victor Dashkov gives Rose an enchanted necklace that distracts her from being able to see Lissa. When Rose is wearing the necklace, the only thing she wants is Dimitri. But in order for the spell to work, Dimitri has to want her too. They almost go too far that night, and meanwhile, Lissa is kidnapped.

After Lissa is saved, Dimitri tells Rose that what almost happened between them could never happen again. Not only because it's wrong, but because he doesn't feel that way about her. Rose takes it hard. She goes to Victor Dashkov and demands that he stop the spell. He tells her that it wore off a long time ago.

Rose later gets injured by a newly turned Natalie, and Dimitri finally admits that he loves her, but that they can't be together because it could put Lissa in danger.

In Frostbite, Rose and Dimitri's relationship gets interrupted by Tasha Ozera, Dimitri's friend and Christian's aunt. Tasha wants Dimitri to become his guardian and leaves open the offer to start a family with him. Rose is madly jealous of Tasha and dislikes her quite a bit, even though she admires that Tasha is trying to convince Moroi to start using magic. All throughout the holidays at the ski resort, Rose is trying to avoid Dimitri, and vice versa.

After Rose takes out the Strigoi after being held captive in Spokane, Dimitri tells her that he refused Tasha's offer and admits that he couldn't be with anyone else because he loves Rose. He even kisses her, and she's suprised because it's still not right for them to be together.

In Shadow Kiss, Dimitri and Rose are still sort of dancing around each other, wanting to be together but not really allowing their relationship to go much further than stolen kisses. Rose is having a difficult time with her shadow kissed abilities, taking away Lissa's darkness. It's slowly making Rose lose her mind. Rose goes to counseling and her counserlor asks Rose if she is truly in love. Rose asks Adrian to compell her to kiss him, and she realizes that it doesn't feel the same. When she was being compelled, she desperately wanted to kiss Adrian, but it didn't feel like how Dimitri makes her feel.

Not much else happens until near the end, when Rose saves Lissa from the Mana (Jesse and Ralph's little hellion group for elite Moroi) and Rose takes Lissa's rage from her. Rose loses it and starts to beat up Jesse, but Dimitri comes and stops her. He takes her away to a little cabin in the woods on campus that used to be a lookout point for guardian security. Rose is upset that she's losing control over herself because of Lissa and Dimitri tells her that she won't lose herself because she's strong and that's part of the reason why he loves her so much. They have sex and everything is beautiful.

But then the campus is overrun by Strigoi and Dimitri and Rose get lost in the fight. Some students and teachers are taken to a cave just five miles away from the academy, and Rose and Dimitri come up with a plan to get them back when it's daylight. They convince all of the other guardians to fight, alongside Moroi too, and they go to the caves. They save a bunch of people, but a lot of guardians are killed in the process. Dimitri is attacked and Rose's mother keeps Rose from going back in the caves to save him. The next day the guardians go back to the caves after the Strigoi had gone to bring back any of the dead, and they cannot find Dimitri. Rose is devastated and asks Mason's ghost whether Dimitri is alive. Mason tells her that Dimitri has been turned Strigoi. Rose decides to drop out of school to go search for him in Russia and kill him, because she'd made an unspoken promise that she'd kill him if he were ever to become Strigoi.

This brings us to Blood Promise. Rose is in Russia and is searching for Dimitri's home town because she has a feeling he would return there. She doesn't know if she can kill him, but she doesn't want him to be Strigoi. Better dead than Strigoi. But when the time comes to do what she has to do, will she be able to kill him? The man she loves?

I seriously can't wait to read this one and find out more about Dimitri!! Only two more weeks until Blood Promise comes out!!! :)