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Embalmers-do you LOVE your job?

I just saw someone here who does this for a living and stated that they "love" their job.
My question is..WHY? To me, the job seems like it must be encapsulated with grief, decay, mortality, finality, pain, emotions, etc. What is there to love in this job?

I'm not an embalmer... but I can imagine things that would be 'plusses' to a job like this.

I don't really like working with people... it is too unpredictable for someone like me. (I have Aspergers... which makes social situations tough.) However, I love to help people and be there when people need me... return the favors that others have given me along the way.

With a job like this I would be helping the family of this person *without* having to deal up close and personal with people all day every day. The work would be predictable and steady... not many suprises once you knew the ropes of the job. Just what someone like me thrives on!

It doesn't seem like it would be a very *popular* job for all the reasons you mentioned... so the pay would likely be decent and I would feel truely *needed* by doing what others didn't want to. I think I could *potentially* love the job.

If I wasn't already happy at home with my kids... I might just sign up myself! :) My kids are (of course) unpredictable and I have to face people all the time... but they are mine and I don't have to answer to the rules and timetables of others. So... I love this job too. :)

Hope that helps!