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BAH on accompanied orders?

Does the Navy allow for any sort of possibility to receive BAH on accompanied orders if my girlfriend elects not to come with me to my first duty station for reasons of finishing her college degree? By the time I am in the fleet (should I get that far), she will be midway through her junior year of studies. While I am putting my degree on hold, she will not do the same.

If you are married and she is on your orders then she is considered your dependent and you will recieve BAH with dependent rate.

To see your rate amt. go to: http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/perdiem...

There can be a lot to this answer. If she is on your orders and chooses to stay behind, there are two possible ways this can go. The first is, you will be declared a geougraphical bachelor and your spouse will recieve full BAH for her location. Possibility two is that your command will not award you that title and you will either have to live off base (since you are married) , collect BAH for your location and pay support both households off that single BAH or you will ordered into the dorms in which case you would get differential BAH. This is basically the difference between single rate BAH for your location (which you would forfeit as you would be living in the dorms) and dependent rate...generally a couple hundred dollars a month. You would also loose BAS, as that is a food stipend for the military only. Additionally, since she is choosing not to accompany you would would not be eligible for any seperation pay and, depending on where you were stationed, you would get COLA based on single rate as well. Additionally, if she chose to move to you later on, the military would not pay for the move or the cost of storing household goods. And you would still be facing an accompanied length tour...generally at least three to four years...rather than unaccompanied. I do not know what degree she is working on, but there will be colleges pretty much where ever you go. It would be simpler and more cost effective for her to accompany you when you leave/as soon as possible. Waiting a couple of years may be more exspensive and costly than you realize, especially on a lower enlisted pay. The final decision comes from your command. I would suggest talking with your recruiter about this now and, as soon as you get orders, to your command at tech school so they can talk to the new base.

BAH is based on DUTY station when you have accompanied orders. Exceptions to policy are seldom granted.

keep in mind too that you will NOT be able to live in the Barracks if married and she chooses not to come with you. you will NOT be eligible to live in base housing either.. so 2 households on one BAH. and No Family Sep unless you are actually Underway/deployed for more than 30 days.

ETA: IF granted permission to reside in Barracks you would FORFEIT BAH entirely.. you cannot have both.

You will get BAH w/dependents when you are married, if you have accompanied orders then it is based on where you are stationed. You cannot though live in barracks and collect BAH w/dependents. It will be one or the other. You can live on the ship and do it if you are stationed on a ship that does allow it (ie carrier will; submarines will not). If you can't live in barracks/ship then you will be required to fund both houses on the BAH you are getting. you will also not get Family Separation as it is a voluntary separation.

Is there a reason she cannot transfer from the college she is going to now to a college by where you are stationed? She will in resident rates immediately and most of her credits will transfer.

Navy no longer allows Geo Bachelors to live in barracks and collect BAH. This was changed several years ago. If you are a Geo-Bachelor the BAH would still be based on YOUR LOCATION not her's. The only time it is based on her location is if you are on unaccompanied orders.

BAS in the Navy doesn't matter if you are married or single it depends on the command you are with. If you are on a ship that has a full operational galley then you lose BAS except around $40 a month for incidentals. If there is no galley then you keep it.